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Soul Again NFT collection

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  • PRE SALE IS LIVE! price 10 SOl
  • PUBLIc SALE IS LIVE, 15 JUNE 2023 9PM GMT, price 15 SOL
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How to be Soul Again

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    Go to Minting page

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    Connect Your Wallet

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    Select Your Quantity

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    Confirm Transaction

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    Receive Your NFTs

soul again about usThe Storyabout us

About Us

Our home is a diverse ecosystem, whereby life evolves and bifurcates; paradoxically creating synergy.

We are celebrating and exploring the progressive, ritualistic, and unifying nature of life via a highly detailed NFT project.

We are Soul Again.

View our fantastic creations here.

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soul again scarcity modelScarcity Model

2% characters fully bifurcated 0.1% characters are Soul Again

soul again intergrated blockchain lotteryLottery

Integrated Blockchain Lottery

soul again celebration packCelebration pack

Signed Soul Again Character Poster

Our Goalsroad map


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Era 1 soul again era 1

20% Soldout

Hodlers VIP Club opens

Era 2 soul again era 2

40% Soldout

90 Day Lottery (Perpetual) Req: 10 NFT's to win

Era 3 soul again era 3

60% Soldout

Once per month, a Randomly chosen NFT converted to 3D for use in the Metaverse as an Avatar

Era 4 soul again era 4

80% Soldout

Start Maintaining the Floor Price

Era 5 soul again era 5

100% Soldout

180 Day Lottery Req: 20 NFT's to win

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Team Memberssoul again team members

Meet The Crew

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Web Dev

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Questions & Answersquestions

Frequently Asked

Where does the market data on this site come from ? plus minus

The market data on this site comes directly from Opensea

How we can buy NFTs ? plus minus

Download and install a browser plugin called Phantom. This will allow websites that you authorize access to your Solana account

Where we can buy NFts ? plus minus

Use the "mint" button to head to our minting page