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Soul Again NFT collection

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Gateway to Your Soul

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How to be Soul Again

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soul again about usThe Storyabout us

About Us

Our home is a diverse ecosystem, whereby life evolves and bifurcates; paradoxically creating synergy.

We are celebrating and exploring the progressive, ritualistic, and unifying nature of life via a highly detailed NFT project.

We are Soul Again.

View our fantastic creations here.

View our fantastic product guide here.

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soul again scarcity modelScarcity Model

2% characters fully bifurcated 0.1% characters are Soul Again

soul again intergrated blockchain lotteryLottery

Integrated Blockchain Lottery, reward in SOL

soul again celebration packCelebration pack

Soul Again character poster signed by the CEC Team

Our Goalsroad map


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Era 1 soul again era 1

Hodlers VIP Club opens

Era 2 soul again era 2

90 Day perpetual Blockchain Lotto, req: own an NFT to participate

Era 3 soul again era 3

Once per month, a Randomly chosen NFT converted to 3D for use in the Metaverse as an Avatar

Era 4 soul again era 4

180 Day perpetual Blockchain Lotto, req: own an NFT to participate

Era 5 soul again era 5

Begin development of a Flux NFT marketplace

Era 6 soul again era 6

100% Soldout

One NFT becomes worth $25,000 in SOL, req: own an NFT to participate

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Team Memberssoul again team members

Meet The Crew

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Web Dev

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Questions & Answersquestions

Frequently Asked

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Where does the market data on this site come from? plus minus

The market data on this site comes directly from Opensea

How we can buy NFTs? plus minus

Download and install a browser plugin called Phantom. This will allow websites that you authorize access to your Solana account

Where we can buy NFts? plus minus

Use the "mint" button to head to our minting page

What is Flux? plus minus

Flux is a programming architecture designed to manage state in applications, promoting a unidirectional data flow. It simplifies state management and enhances the predictability of application behavior.

What does it mean to be a part of Flux Labs? plus minus

Being a part of Flux Labs means joining an innovative research and development company that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, fostering creativity, and solving complex challenges in various industries.

What is Zelcore? plus minus

Zelcore is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet and platform that allows users to manage, exchange, and invest in various cryptocurrencies securely and conveniently from a single interface.